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Business cards increase your personal brand awareness within your community. They’re often the first marketing materials a professional or company will produce. Anyone can afford professional business cards printed online without breaking the bank.

Why Business Cards are Effective

Why are they so effective? Following are some advantages of having business cards available when you’re out and about.

      • They are versatile and can be used anywhere. You can take them wherever you go.
      • You’ll be surprised at all the opportunities to give cards at social and business events.
      • Great for conferences, trade shows, meetings and networking events.
      • They are convenient for people to put them in their pocket and keep them for future reference.
      • They are a great way to be remembered.

Are Business Cards Still Important?

With much of today’s business transactions occurring online, do we still need business cards? The answer is a resounding “yes”. They are as important today as ever.

You can encounter a potential lead or contact anywhere at any time. Arm yourself with business cards so  you will never miss an opportunity. One of their strengths is that they are tangible. They are something physical that a person can hold in their hand and, more importantly, share with others.

Emails can be deleted and social media contacts can quickly be pushed off the front page and forgotten, but a card will be kept and remembered.

When you are ready, we will help you design business cards that will make a great impression.

Business Cards in the Digital World

Today, most companies and professionals operate online, whether by sending emails, signing contracts or even attending meetings. Even so, the digital world hasn’t made business cards obsolete. In fact, business cards may be more important now than ever.

The digital world can be impersonal and fickle. While emails, social media and online marketing campaigns can generate leads, they will not be as effective as in-person meetings sealed with a handshake and card exchange.

Genuine connections are made in person. Eye contact and actual conversation is how genuine business relations begin. Instead of burying yourselves in digital devices to exchange information, simply hand your business card. That information can be transferred to a mobile device after your conversation has ended.

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Reasons to Buy Business Cards Online in Australia

Here are some excellent reasons to buy business cards online:

      • Create a proper first impression.  A memorable card will do more than mentioning your social media profiles (not to mention a business card is a great way to promote your social media profiles so they can be reviewed later).
      • Make their experience more personal. Business cards are more personal than online social profiles. A handshake and exchanging of cards creates a bigger impact than online correspondence for creating long-lasting business relationships.
      • Be professional. Show that you are serious about your business. If someone asks for your card and you cannot give them one, you will appear amateurish and unprepared.
      • Best marketing for dollar spent. Business cards are effective and easy to produce at little cost when compared to other methods of marketing. A good card will rarely get discarded. That means it is still working for you for weeks and months after you have given them out.
      • Great method to generate referrals. Clever and creative professionally printed cards are a great way to get referrals. A good business card design will get shown to others and shared between the person you gave it to and their colleagues.

Business cards are still essential, even in this digital age. When you’re ready to print, get an instant quote from the best business card printers here at businesscards.com.au. Upload your artwork and order from us.